Friday, May 23, 2014

End Of The Year Writing

  • Persuasive Essay:  Try and convince me to buy, or like something.

Here is the best thing you will ever have! Get the new Soft Slippers! The are more comfortable than ever! Even more FUZZY and SOFT! They are fuzzy! They are warm! They are better than EVER! They even come in all sizes!
They are made of real fresh rabbit fur inside! They also have the best fluffy rating in the whole world! They even have little heating and cooling pads inside under the rabbit fur to cool and heat your feet! Get them now! Get them NOW!
They are only $10.00! You can’t get a better deal than that! Over 100 people already bought some and they LOVED them! Just look at our ratings now at  They are not avalible in stores!So call, 641- 428- 6397 to get yours now! They are also available in Vikings colors!

                                               The phone number is not real neither is the link.

  • Informative Essay:  Write me a story about something that you know about.

Hi! My name is Alexis and in this little story I am going to tell you about my dog Max! When we got Max he was only 1 year old and we got him for our mothers birthday from a farm. The first time we took a look at him he was PERFECT! He was the fastest one there! He was the cutest one too! So, we took him and we drove him to his new home! When we got him home we prepared for his first night in the house and we named him Max.
We trained him before his first night too! After his first night,we potty trained him a little and showed him around the house and his stuff to play with. We also taught him his name and we got him to get used to us and living in the house! That was fun, but also tiring. SO, we got him some treats and some more stuff for him the next day.
We got him some of his treats and we got him his first tug toy. When we got home he was SO HAPPY to see us, but we weren't happy to see what he had done to the house. He had made some accidents, but it was just his first hour without us so, we couldn’t be mad at him. He had grown up and here he is today with our family, all trained, and 4 years old.

  • Narrative Essay:  This is a fiction story.  

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sally. She was next in line for the Queen Of England. She was so excited to be next in line! Sh couldn’t believe that on the first day of Spring she was going to be the new Queen Sally! So, on that day she was getting ready to be crowned she go in her new ivory dress and ivory shoes. Maybe even some red ribbon!
After she was ready and beautiful she went out to the ceremony and finally got crowned the Queen Of England! She was so excited! When she got to her new room she learned her duties and  places to go to every day! She looked at the papers and she had the WHOLE WEEK off of doing things! She wondered what she could do? “Should I walk The Queens Bridge or see the Treasures?” She said. She decided she would go take a look at the treasure, and so she did.
After she got a look at the treasure she yawned. She said to herself “I think I will go to bed now.” She got the maids to show her to her bed once again and she got in her pajamas and warm fuzzy slippers and dozed off. The End

  • Research Paper:  Research something, and write a story about it.

In this story I am going to tell  you about dogs. Dogs are great pets, but sometimes they get in a lot of trouble. To get a dog to have to be prepared. Get some dog food, water, treats, chew toys, and maybe a bone or two.
Many dog breeds have kind of funky names like my dog is a Lhasa Apso Bichon. They are very fluffy and have a lot of energy sometimes.------------>  max.jpg Now I am going to show you the Boxer. ------>boxer.jpg
The Boxer is a good dog to have because some of them are very good at protecting others and their family. Also a Boxer body is very compacted and powerful. The nose is large and black. They have brown eyes. They have straight front legs and good muscles. The back legs have good muscles too! But they have more strength. So, that was about the Boxer. Here I am going to tell you about the Yorkshire Terrier. -------> terrier.jpgThey have long fur and they are small. They were developed in the 19th century in the county  of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills, they were also used as rat-baiting. They are bold,confident, courageous, intelligent, and independent.

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