Monday, April 28, 2014

Why I Like Summer!

                        Why I Like Summer!
                                                              By: Alexis K Stoychoff

       One thing I like about summer is going to the pool everyday and cooling off from the blazing, hot sun. I also like playing with all of my friends and family at party celebrations! Some other things that I like about summer is that there are all kinds of AMAZING holidays to celebrate like the Fourth Of July, Birthday parties, and more!
        Others are that there are so many new thing that might come to you and maybe even some new friends from the beach! Like, you might lose a tooth or have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Maybe even build your first sandcastle! 
        The best part is that every summer before school for us we get to go anywhere we want to go shopping and don't worry about the price and get as many clothes, jewelry, and shoes as we want until our parents say "That's enough" Last year the price came up to over 100 dollars! WOW! He REALLY does love us both.
        The other best part is that sometimes my family, and I get to go to a water park! One year, we went to this water that had all of these buckets hung up in the air by a pole and a fountain would fill them up. After one bucket was filled, it would start to tip and if you go under it at the right time all the water that was in the bucket would dump on you and you would be soaked! That was the best part of being at that waterpark!
        Some of the last things that like about summer is seeing your friends and staying away from our enemies because sometimes they can get in the way of our fun with our other friends and family. So, stay away from they mean kids and people and live your OWN summer the way you want to with no one getting in the way of that. Have a great summer and stay fun!

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