Thursday, January 16, 2014

                            Our Snow Forts
                                                                By: Alexis Stoychoff


  Hi! My name is Alexis! I am in Mr. E's fourth grade class and I am going to tell you some reasons why you will want to come to my fort and not somebody else's.                                                                        First, I am going to tell you a little about our snow fort. Our snow is 6 feet tall. The perimeter is 44 feet, the area is 102 feet square, and the volume is 720 feet cubed! WOW Those are big numbers! We also all voted on group E's fort.
        In addition, our fort is better because it has a nice, warm fireplace and has a sofa and a chair! It is 'nice...warm' inside too! The BEST thing about our snow fort is that our has a separate room for the door and it can fit 6 fourth graders in it laying down sideways and vertical
        Next, Now I am going to tell you some reason why you should not go to any body else's fort. Theirs is SUPER COLD! They were all messing around when they were building it too! Their walls are uneven, and it is about to fall on top of someone!
        Third, the reason why we are all doing this project in the first place is so we can have a little fun in the whole fourth grade and so we can have fun learning area, perimeter, and volume. 
  In conclusion, we are not trying to be mean to each other and it is not a competition either. We are all just trying to have fun doing it. So that was my story about our classes snow fort.



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