Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Dinosaur

                                     The Dinosaur 
                                                                                  By: Alexis Stoychoff

Once there was a little girl walking in the forest. She was lost. She started yelling..." Mom! Dad! Are you there?!" Then she suddenly heard a big loud "ROAR!" She was scared, but she went towards   the big loud roar because she was curious what is was. Then, she started to suspect that is was a Dinosaur, she thought..."No! Dinosaurs don't live any more!" So, she went closer still curious on what is was. Then, right there she was AMAZED! IT WAS A REAL LIVING DINOSAUR! She was so scared, she ran and ran until she couldn't run any more. Then, she found a good resting place where she could sleep and stay away from the Dinosaur. After she stopped, she turned around to see if the Dinosaur was still there. It wasn't! She shouted with joy..."YAY!" After she got all of her happiness out she found a nice warm, comfortable place to sleep for the night, The next morning, she found her parents and they all went home ate, and went back to bed. The End 

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