Monday, December 9, 2013

                                   Stranded On An Island
                                                                                      By: Alexis Stoychoff

Once upon a time, there were 3 girls on an exiting boat ride with their parents. They were having so much fun, because they liked playing with each other in the warm water! Then, one of the 3 girls wanted to sleep in the boat. So, they all got ready for bed and laid down for a good nights rest. Then, during the night a big wave storm came and washed all of them off the boat! The ship lost its way during the storm and it crashed! They crashed on an island near by. The 3 girls survived, but they thought their mom and dad didn't because they didn't see them anywhere. The 3 girls were stranded on an island near by where the ship crashed. They saw a sign that said..."Island Of Wahoo" That was the name of the island! Now they new where they were. They were all scared and sad because they had lost their parents. They were all wondering how they would survive. Alexis, (One of the girls) said that if they work together they would find food, water, shelter, and supplies. So, they started to look. Alexis went to look for food. Hailey went to look for water, and Grace went to look for supplies and things for shelter. They made a plan that they would all meet by a special place by the shore. When they all meet together, Hailey shared her things first. She had a clean bucket with cold clean water and coconut milk. Next, was Alexis. So, she showed them her stuff that she found. She had deer meat, fish, and eatable plants. Then Grace shared her things. She had some sticks, mud, HUGE leaves, and some cooking, eating, and some sleeping supplies. So, the 3 girls started building their hut. First, they made the frame with the sticks. Then, they put some of the mud over the sticks. Finally, they put the leaves over the wet mud and they waited for the mud to dry. After the mud dried, they set up all their supplies. After that hot tiring day they set up their beds and went to sleep. When they woke up, Alexis went looking for some things that would contacted their home. Well, Alexis was doing that, Grace and Hailey wrote in big letters in the sand..."SOS" (Save our ship) Well they drew that suddenly they heard Alexis calling..."Come here!" here!" So, they followed her voice and they found her. There she was. What was in her had? It was a phone! They called their grandma and said they were on an island called..."Island Of Wahoo" near the Pacific Ocean. Then a few hours later their grandma came and go them in a nice warm helicopter with blankets and heat. After they got in, they warmed up and went home. When they got home, they got some warm, new clothes on and warmed up o the couch to tell the story on their grandma. So, they told the story to their grandma. She was so suprised until they said that their mom and dad died. She said" No they didn't they are right here! "Then, the girls were so suprised! There they were! They all said "We were so worried about you!" After, they met up with some kisses and hugs, and they all lived a happy life from there. The End

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