Thursday, December 5, 2013

                                My Family's Thanksgiving
                                                                                  By: Alexis Kay Stoychoff 

Once on a cool Thanksgiving morning I got up from my bed and my mom it is time to get ready to got eat at the Prime 'N' Wine with grandma Ed, and Christian for Thanksgiving. We had to be there at 1:00, but we had to leave the house at 12:30 to get there on time. So, I had breakfast and I went downstairs to take my shower. After my shower, I got dressed in my nice shirt, pants, and shoes to eat. Then, I put on my makeup and I also got my jewelry on. Then, I went upstairs. When I was upstairs I put on my belt, shoes, and socks. Hailey then woke up, and she got ready to go, and then we both watch T.V. and then we left. When we got there my mom opened the door, and we all went in. Then we went up to the counter, and our waiter seated us. I saw my mom and sister and I could see my brother, grandma, and my Grandpa, Ed all sitting at the table. Next, when we were all got seated I could smell the nice tasty food and the sweet yummy treats, I could see the beautiful Christmas decorations that were already up! When, our waiter came and took our order of drinks. Next, we went up to the salad bar to get something to eat. There was fruit, bread, noodles, and more! I got black olives, bread, noodles, watermelon, and a chocolate cupcake for desert. Then after we all ate (Me, Hailey, Ed, Christian, and my grandma) got in my grandma's car and we dropped Ed and Christian off and then we all went shopping at K-Mart and Shopko well our mom went back home to get our dog and her iPad Mini to get some of her pictures printed out. I got 3 new shirts and one pair of pants. Hailey got 2 shirts and one dress. We also got one tank top each. Then, after we relaxed we all went home, played the game called "Yahzee" Then, me, our mom, my dog, and Hailey all went home. Then, at 7:10 p.m. we had to go to a movie called "Frozen" with our 3 cousins, Jagger, Brayden, and Mason we also went with our Aunt Pam. Our Uncle Todd and our other cousin Chase went to "Catching Fire"  That was fun! So, that was my story about my Thanksgiving!  

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