Thursday, December 19, 2013

                        My Family's Christmas
                                                               By: Alexis Stoychoff

Once on a coo,l winter morning, I woke up and then I realized that it was Christmas morning! I ran up the stairs all filled with joy and ready to open presents! When I got down stairs my mother said " You can't open them yet! We have to eat first." So, I went up to the table and I ate. I had a nice, warm cinnamon roll and nice cold glass of milk. When i was done I ran toward the presents and I started to look for my name. I found a LOT of presents! I opened them all and they were all things that I wanted! Next, I went back down stairs to play with my new toys. I started with my Furby Boom. So I got my dad's iPad and downloaded the app for it and I played with it. That was FUN! Then, I played with all of my other new toys and things to do. After that, I went back upstairs to see all of my other family members presents. My mom got a carpet cleaner and my dad got a new watch. WOW! So after that, we went to my grandmas house opened our presents  and things. We played with those and then we all went out to eat with me, my grandma, my mom, my sister, my dad, my brother, his girlfriend, and my gram pa. After we were all done, we went back to my grandma's house and we stayed there until dark. When dark came, we went home and had a good night sleep. The End

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