Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sign Of The Beaver

                                 The Sign Of The Beaver                                 
                                          By: Alexis Kay Stoychoff

                                                                          Day: 1

This book was about a boy named Matt. His family left him the take care of this cabin for 7 weeks. His dad left him with food, water, and the cabin. He also left him with a rifle that had 7 notches. Well his dad was gone he did some work at the cabin he tended the corn and when he did that some crows started to bother  him and he wanted to shoot them but, he didn't want to waste his powder and notches. He wanted to count the weeks but, he couldn't because they didn't have calenders back then. Later in the story he saw a deer and he remembered that he once wanted to shoot one and bring it home for food but, again he didn't want the waste his power or notches.


In the 3 chapters we read today was that Matt found this stranger in the woods  and the stranger went in his house and he tried to not close his eyes because he was trying to guard the cabin and he went to sleep and in the morning the stranger was gone and so was the gun. The next day he got up and went to the pond near the woods and caught 3 spotted  trouts and he found out that all his stuff was ruined because a bear got in the cabin well he was fishing. The next day he was thinking about the bee tree that him and his dad found and he went to go get some honey from it and he tried to and the bee's stared chasing him until he went in water and then two Indians saved him and brought him to his bed and gave him some medicine. 


In the two chapters we read today were about that Matt taught the Indian some of the ABC letter's and then the Indian taught Matt how to fish like an Indian and how to make a fire like an Indian. When Matt caught some fish he skinned them all and gutted them all. Then they cooked it on the fire that Attean (The Indian) made. 


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