Friday, November 8, 2013

Something I Had To Learn The Hard Way

                   Something I Had To Learn The Hard Way
                                      By: Alexis Kay Stoychoff

I'm Alexis, and this is my story about a time in my life I had to learn something the hard way. A lot of people learn differently. Some people learn the hard way and some people learn the easy way. I learned it the hard way. So, this is my story about it! I was playing inside my cool, nice living room on a hot summer day with my dad Eric. (He is a funny man!) When we were playing I would try to poke him and it never works because he always says  "Don't poke the bear!" because when I do he always does something to me. So, I poked him wondering what he will do to me and I made the wrong choice can you guess what happened? He grabbed me by the head and gave me a big knuckle head! It messed up my hair so bad that I had to go downstairs and get the brush to brush it again! We kept on laughing and laughing until we stopped and then we carried on with our playing! We played rolling pin and horse which is when I hop on his back and he walks like a horse. Then, played some board games with my family! That was fun! This was a special time for me because I don't really get to see my dad very much because he is always working, sleeping because he works at night, or he is hunting up north. So, that was my story about that one time in my life I had to learn something the hard way! I hope you enjoyed!

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