Monday, November 18, 2013

My Weekend

                                          My Weekend
                                          By:Alexis Kay Stoychoff

This weekend on Saturday me, mom, Hailey, and my grandma all just layed on the couch and watch T.V. and we watched Spongebob and we also played Am I with them. On Sunday I went to Tanner's birthday and I got him a Lego car and it was a pool party and Best Western. The kids who were there was Keagan, Me, Hailey, Chloe, Tanner, Emma, Jaxson, Autumn, Jaxson, and some other kids. The cake was Halo styled and the gift bags were sports styled. I went in the hot tub and the cold  pool. We played a game with a ball and then we ate cake, cookies,  mix, and some cupcakes. Then, we all saw Tanner open his presents and then we all swam until our parents came to pick us all up. So, that was my SUPER FUN weekend! I hope you enjoyed!

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