Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Fourth Grade Program

                                 My Fourth Grade Program
                                                                                    By: Alexis Kay Stoychoff

Once on November 19th 2013 the whole fourth grade was practicing for the fourth grade program and after they practiced from 9:00-10:20p.m.. Then, finally our whole school including the helpers and the teachers. When all the kids and the teachers were settled in we started. Now, I am going to tell you the songs that we sang and the order that we sung them in. First, we sang Hola From Pinataville. Then all the pirates came out and sang Arrr! Next, only the people of Pinataville sang What Should We Do? Then, all the pirates sung Pepper Music. Then, all of us sang Forgiveness Is The Treasure We Seek and Jolly Fiesta! My friend Grace Meyer and Skyla Geitzenauer had the two first solo's in the Forgiveness Is The Treasure We Seek. We performed for our parents at 6:30 and then we performed it for our whole school at 10:20. My favorite part was seeing all of my friends and family wall I performed. That was FUN! The End

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