Friday, October 25, 2013

                        My First Puppy
                          By: Alexis Kay Stoychoff

Once, on a cool August afternoon a day after my mom's birthday we were driving in the country and noticed that it looked different. I knew we were in a different because I didn't recolonize it. So, I asked my mom where we were going and she said it was a surprises. Suddenly I started to get anxious I LOVE surprises  So, when we got to where we were going I screamed in excitement .. "Are we getting a new puppy!" My dad said no but, I knew he was kidding. We were at a little farm! "WOW!" I said. We meat the man who worked there and he let some cute little puppies out of a gold cage. We looked and looked for a nice but, none of them seamed right until Hailey (My sister) found the perfect one. He was cute, fluffy, fast, and protective. The reason why I said he was fast is because he was running around us the whole time. Me and Hailey said to my mom and dad... "I think that one is it!" Our mom and dad agreed he was the one for us! When we got him in the car he couldn't look out the window because we didn't know if he would get car sick. We got him home safe and sound but, one thing was missing... his name! We agreed he would be Maxwell but, we called his Max. So, that was my story about my first puppy! 

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