Monday, October 28, 2013

                         My Monday Morning Breakfast
                                      By: Alexis Stoychoff

Once, on a cool, fall Monday morning, my mom woak me and my sister Hailey up for school at 6:45 p.m. to get breakfast. When me and Hailey eventually got up stairs me and Hailey wrapped yourself in our nice warm blankets and plopped on the couch on our pillows like a burrito  I could just smell those nice mini breakfast muffins through the wall. When we got them we were still on the couch because we are really LAZY! So, our mom took them to us with a nice cold glass of milk. We both sat up and watched T.V. (We were watching Spongebob Squarpants.)  When  we were done our mom took our empty glass of milk and our garbeg. After that we got up and got dressed and went in the car to go to school. So, that was my tasty Monday morning breakfast.

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