Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Thing I Have Learned

                                         A Thing I Have Learned
                                                             By: Alexis Stoychoff

One time in my life I learned how to ride a bike. One day  my dad had a surprise for me outside in our garage  He took me out to it and I screamed! It was my very first bike! I asked my dad to see if he could teach me how to ride it because I didn't know how because I was only 6 years old. My dad said yes so, I got on the bike and I was wiggly at first and I fell off a few times but, then my dad held the back of the bike and gave me a little push and I couldn't believe it! I was riding my first bike! I told my dad not to let go until I said so but, he did it anyways. I went around the side walk with him by my side. Then, he taught me how to turn, stop two different ways, and how to put the kick stand up. I was very good. I still fell off a few times but, I go the hang of it. So, that was my story about something I learned in my life. I hoped you enjoyed!

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