Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Childhood Memory

                                                  A Childhood Memory
                                         By: Alexis Stoychoff

One of my childhood memories are that once me, my sister Hailey, and my Mom Sheri all went to Valleyfair together with my brother Christian and his girlfriend Josie. The first thing we did was get in my mom's van. My mom sat in the driver's seat I sat behind her by my twin sister and Josie and Christian sat in the back seat next to each other. I took us about 2 hours to get there. That is a long time for me! When we all got there was found a little picnic table in the grass. So, we sat down and had a little snack well we talked about what rides we wanted to ride when we got in. After we were all done we found a HUGE rock and we took pictures on in. Then, we all walked over to the entrance to get in. When we got in we went on some AWESOME water slides. My favorite one was the Plunge. The Plunge is a slide when you go straight down and it curves at the bottom  Then we went to the wave pool. At the wave pool we rented some tubes. When we got on the floaties the waves turned on it was strong. It was so strong we both got flipped off our floaties! We swam a fast and as strong as we could. When we got to the wall we hung on very tightly but, the waves pushed us up to shour. When we got to shore the waves stopped! Me and Hailey laughed and laughed. We both said... " That was FUN!" Next, we went home and sat down a watched T.V. So, that was my favorite childhood memory.

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